Looking Into the AFC and NFC Championship Games

The time has come, AFC and NFC championship games are just a few days away. Could we have asked for a more exciting pair of games?

Let's start with the AFC. You have Patrick Mahomes vs Josh Allen, Tyreek Hill vs Stefon Diggs, two powerhouse offences going Head to Head. Over the 2020 season, the Chiefs and Bills are the top 2 teams in the NFL in total yards per game (Chiefs 415.8, Bills 396.4) making this matchup definitely one to watch offensively. But how about defensively? The Bills allowed 352.5 yards per game and the Chiefs allowed 358.3....a 6-yard difference or in the words of Mike Goldberg *clears throat* “Virtually Identical”. We are 2 days away from kickoff and the question remains, will Patrick Mahommeboy be leading this dynamic Chiefs offence come Sunday night? What may very well be a “Game time decision” is, in my opinion, the deciding factor of the game. If Mahomes plays we should see a fantastic matchup this Sunday resulting in a Chiefs victory. If Chad Henne plays, well.....Hennething is possible I guess.

Jordans Prediction: 30-24 Kansas City Chiefs

Moving on to the NFC, this is a dream come true...Tom Brady will be facing off against Aaron Rogers as The Tampa Bay Buccaneers pay visit to the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon. If this year has shown anything, I think we can agree that Tom Brady isn’t the system quarterback that has been mentioned throughout the season. He sits 3rd in total passing yards this season(4,633) and 2nd in total touchdowns(40)...But who is first you might ask? That would be none other than the #12 quarterback who has beaten Nick Foles, Aaron Rogers(48). However, let’s not allow the legendary status of both Quarterbacks (and their passing game) to be the only deciding factor going into this game. On the ground, Aaron Jones is 4th in total rushing yards(1104) and 5th in average yards per carry(5.5) in the NFL. Tampa Bay’s lead running back Ronald Jones trails not too far behind in these numbers. I guess what I am trying to say is, we won’t just be seeing the ball going through the air the entire game. Even though we are seeing the 1st seed Packers going up against the 5th seed Bucs, I will be betting with my heart on this one. I believe playoff Tom is of a different species. Yes, he had a slow start against the Saints, but in the end, Tom Brady did what Tom Brady does best - WIN. And this Sunday, there will be only one #12, one Jones, and one Bay heading to the Big Dance. And you best believe, it’s Tampa

Jordans Prediction: 27-24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There is no doubt in my mind both games will be close. What excites me the most? There is no denying that Super Bowl LV will deliver an amazing football game.

Oh, by the way...According to ESPN stats, no team has ever played a Super Bowl on home field, and if the Buccaneers defeat the Packers this Sunday, we will be witnessing history as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take the field in Raymond James Stadium on February 7th for Super Bowl LV.