Alejandro Vivar - Athlete, Motivator, Educator - Episode #91

This week on The Athletes Podcast features Alejandro Vivar. Alejandro is an ex-prisoner who is currently building his own fitness brand based on prison-style workouts. He is the founder of 25/7 Fitness, and has started a fundraiser called Kicks for Kids. Promoting physical fitness and physical literacy for-at-risk populations. It was an amazing conversation and we hope you enjoy this episode of The Athletes Podcast.

What we talk about:

1:00 Who is Alejandro Vivar

4:00: Alejandro goals

7:15: Experience in the 2017 toastmasters

11:40: How were you able to make a change in your life

14:00: Misconceptions in the fitness lifestyle around Toronto

17:00: what Alejandro is doing nutritionally

21:30: Plans for 25/7 fitness

23:50: Biggest piece of advice to next generation of athletes

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