Bruce Boudreau - NHL Head Coach - Episode #100

This week for episode 100 of The Athletes Podcast we feature Bruce Boudreau. Bruce is a former professional ice hockey player who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, a former NHL coach for Washington Capitals, Anaheim Ducks, and Minnesota Wild, and currently an Analyst for the NHL network. For any hockey lovers, this is the podcast to listen to. We hope you enjoy episode 100 of The Athletes Podcast.

What we talk about:

3:00: Loving the sport of hockey

6:00: From playing the game to coaching

9:40: Sherbrook Medical Equipment Trainer mishap

13:45: Dealing with young players

18:00: Ovi breaking Gretzky's goal record

23:00: Boudreau susperstitions

25:00: Making tough decisions on the bench

30:00: Bruce talks about only father-son duo winning the same pro hockey championship

33:50: Biggest misconception in pro hockey

35:40: Bruce Boudreau forgets an article of clothing before a game

38:20: Biggest piece of advice for the next generation of athletes