Erika Fiedler - Canadian National Pole Vaulter - Episode #107

This week on The Athletes Podcast features Erika Fiedler. Erika is a Canadian pole vaulter who is looking to represent our nation in the upcoming Olympics in 2024. She won gold in the Silverston Invitational, silver in the Inferno Track and Field Festival, and medaled in many other events. We had a great conversation with her this week and hope you all enjoy episode #107 of The Athletes Podcast.

What we talk about:

1:30 Who is Erika Fiedler

3:15: Erika talks about pole vaulting

4:00: What's involved in pole vaulting

8:30 How Erika chose what school to attend

12:20: What are heights/scores you time to reach when pole vaulting

14:50: Erika talks about her mentality in the sport

18:45: Erikas day-to-day schedule working full time and competing

21:15: Applying academic knowledge to sport

22:40: Integral parts that Erika has learned over the years

24:00: The key workouts/techniques to pole vaulting

25:40: Erika’s long term goals

27:45: Biggest piece of advice to the next generation of athletes