How I Used Technology to Improve My Hockey Shot

To start off I used a Quattriuum FWD Powershot which was a small device worth around $100 that fit in the top of a hockey stick, it had a couple of accelerometers and measured various metrics that go into identifying a good hockey shot. Unfortunately, the manufacture Quattriuum was a start-up that went out of business and their app is off the market, so the device is now essentially a paperweight. I tried to find if anyone has hacked the device to make it useable but I, unfortunately, couldn’t find anything, it’s also past my technology skills to make a hack for it myself.

Before I get into how this gadget helped me improve a little background on myself. I played hockey growing up from the age of seven-years-old to fourteen-years-old. While playing hockey shooting was never my strong suit. I, like many other young players, suffered the problem of playing with too stiff of a stick while I was younger and never learning how to shoot properly with the flex of a stick. This is a big problem in youth development - so companies are now making youth sticks more flexible. Unfortunately, this has been in recent years, and not during my prime hockey years.

A couple of years ago I purchased an FWD Powershot and put it on the top of my stick. Since quitting organized hockey I have spent a lot of time at the outdoor rink. The Powershot App uses six measurements including Stick Speed, Flex, Duration, Angle, Weight, and Rotation, and gives you a score and a Bad, Moderate, and Good rating for your shot. The feedback was instant so if you’re in a situation where you can have a smartphone on the ice you can take a shot and make the small adjustments needed to improve your shot. It also gamified it so I would spend a lot of time shooting until I got a good shot. Then, once I got a good shot I would spend time trying to replicate it.