Last Thursday my former roommate and the current host of The Athletes Podcast asked me if I wanted to be a regular blogger for the podcast's new website. I gave some thought to what I wanted to do; do I want to make it a sports blog? Do I want it to be a sports gambling blog? Then, I thought about how Dave started the Athletes Podcast to help athletes in achieving their own athletic goals so I should make a blog that follows that philosophy.

One topic I have always been interested in has been using Technology and Science to get an edge in sports. In the news, you hear about professional teams using technology to improve their team, like Toronto FC using GPS to help their players train better, which is cool but sounds expensive. I wanted to know if I could take those principles and use technology to help an average person like myself become a better athlete in multiple sports.

Some blogs I have planned are using smart sports equipment in improving, using your phone to help your training regimen, and finding what technology would help me take a couple of strokes off my golf game. So please tune in every Monday morning to read about how you can use technology to help you achieve your athletic goals.