Jake MacDonald - Canadian International Baseball Player - Episode #102

This week on The Athletes Podcast features Jake MacDonald. Jake is a Canadian International Ballplayer, who played for Texas A&M and Douglas College and is also a Baseball Jobs Overseas Media Manager. We talk all things baseball in this podcast and hope you all enjoy this episode of The Athletes Podcast.

What we talk about:

1:00: Jake's past years playing baseball

3:10: experience Playing baseball in Germany

5:30: Experience playing in the states

8:30: MLB wild card race in the AL

11:30: What Jake is doing today

15:00: Player he looked up to growing up

16:00: Favourite moment in baseball

18:30: Most difficult pitch to catch

20:30: Favourite baseball field

23:50: Jake MacDonald future goals

28:00: What a player looks for when joining a team

36:00: Biggest piece of advice to the next generation of athletes