Jennifer Cohen - Best Selling Author & Performance Mentor - Episode #72

This week on The Athletes Podcast features Jennifer Cohen. Jen is a fitness personality, author, and body image consultant living in Los Angeles, California. She also has a podcast called Habits And Hustle listed on Entrepreneur Magazines podcast network. We were super happy to have her on, and hope you all enjoy this week's episode!

1:10: How you became Jen Cohen

8:00: Getting Keanu Reeves on Jen's Demo Tape

14:30: Approach to becoming one of the top fitness influencers

19:30: Biggest pieces of advice guests have given on Jen's podcast

30:30: Brands Jen works with

34:00: Jen talks about her book No Gym Required

35:30: Pressure as a top fitness entrepreneur

42:00: Resistance training and diet

43:10: Good Human Foundation - "Babes for Boobs"

46:00: Biggest piece of advice for the next generation

Jennifer Cohen Socials: