Jordan Bauth - Professional Figure Skater - Episode #80

This week on The Athletes Podcast features Jordan Bauth. Jordan is a professional figure skater for Royal Caribbean International and a YouTube/Content creator.

What we Talk about:

1:20: Who is Jordan Bauth 2:50: What is it like working on Royal Caribbean 4:00: What is it like on the off days 4:40: What got you in the sport of figure skating 10:20: Are you ever questioned as an athlete? (In the sport of figure skating) 13:50: What was the turning point that allowed you to get that first contract? 15:50: Favourite destination figure skating has taken you? 16:20: Experience at the youth Olympics 20:50: Dealing with figure skating being a subjective sport 24:20: Athletes you looked up to when you were younger 29:50: Misconceptions in figure skating 34:50: Crazy moments performing on the ship 37:50 Biggest Piece of advice for next generation of athletes

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