Nate Furlong - Owner Well Fit Life and Co-owner Train Better - Episode #83

Updated: Jul 28

This week on The Athletes Podcast features Nate Furlong. Nate is a man with many skills & certifications. Some (but not all) include being a Titleist Performance Institut) certified Level 2 golf professional, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, and ALOT more. We had an amazing conversation with him and hope you all enjoy the podcast!

What we Talk about:

2:00: Who is Nate Furlong

6:10: Skydiving Accident

9:40: Misconceptions in the fitness industry

13:10: Nates goal in life

15:40: How to stay healthy with a busy life

21:40: Balancing alcohol with a healthy lifestyle

25:40: How priorities change din different stages of life

36:40: Religion and athletics

40:40: Nates Daily Habits

45:10: Nate writing the NASM

51:00: Biggest piece of advice for the next generation of athletes

Nate Furlong Social: