Using Homecourt to Improve My Shot in Basketball

Despite my professional Basketball championship, I’m not great at shooting a basketball, I never played organized basketball so I was never taught how to properly shoot. With the NCAA tournament going on right now I decided I was going to improve my shot to do this I found an app called homecourt which uses the phone camera to track your basketball shots.

To use this app I went to my local outdoor basketball court with my phone, a tripod for my phone, and a basketball. Setting up the phone to use this app took a bit of work. I had trouble getting the phone high enough and in a position in which it will not get hit by the basketball. If you use this app you need something to hold up your phone like a tripod or a stand. The phone also needs to be steady so you can’t use your friend as a tripod. This is the clip that the app recorded.

As you can see the app tracks the arc of the basketball. Using this arc the app will give you tips on whether you want to arc the ball more or less to make the hoop. As you can see the app also tracks how many baskets you make versus miss, this is a nice feature because it is sometimes hard to keep track. Additionally, the app records the location on the court you shot from which is helpful when like where I was your court doesn’t have any lines so you can know if your hitting threes or not.

This app has a lot more features that I didn’t get a chance to try like shooting drills, 2-player shooting drills, dribbling drills, and games. The app also records your all-time stats so you can see your lifetime free throw percentage. Some of these features are similar to Strava which I wrote about previously in this blog. Such features like leader boards and other social aspects.

I like this app, I found it helped my shooting and got me to think about how I want to arc every shot. I like when I am able I am able to use a product I already have like a phone to improve my sports ability without spending any additional money. Also, the games the app has keeps you interested and extend practice.


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