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Andrew Petcash - Founder of Profluence & Former D1 Basketball Player - Episode #154

Episode #154 of The Athletes Podcast features. Andrew Petcash. Former member of Boston College Men’s Basketball Team, Founder of Profluence Sports. He enjoys growing brands, collaborating with like-minded individuals, and building a better future in sports. Andrew earned 2x Patriot League Academic Honor Roll while at BU.

Andrew is also a creator, telling sports business stories in an entertaining & educational way on social media. Profluence was created to analyze the most exciting trends, people, & companies shaping the future of sports with 28,000 newsletter subscribers.

Andrew remains active now golfing and doing triathlons in a semi-recreational/competitive atmosphere. Andrew also Consults! Helping sports companies scale using content and his network to drive eyeballs, publicity, and sales. Andrew’s clients range from public companies to startups

Here’s a bit about what we talked about during our conversation.

  • Once an athlete, always an athlete.

  • How playing a variety of sports helped develop his game

  • Growing up in Boston & choosing between a team & individual players

  • Having the mental strength to stay at the top of your game

  • How training can be a form of meditation

  • Life after sport & making the transition easier with consistency

  • Where is the money going in sports & the athlete entrepreneurs involved

  • Being offered scholarships & picking a school

  • Getting injured in the first year & the recovery process

I can’t thank Andrew enough for coming on the show. I also can’t thank you enough for tuning in, reading, and listening to the show.

Whether you’re walking the dog, reading the newspaper, on the treadmill, listing while doing laundry, or pedaling up a hill, we’re pumped to have you with us. Our last shoutout goes to our sponsor for this week's episode Stronger, Faster Healthier, with some of the best supplements on the market.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode #154 of the athletes' podcast featuring Andrew Petcash, here we go!

Listen to our episode on one of the platforms below:

Looking for the video? Here is the YouTube:


Dave Stark

An outgoing, bilingual, hard-working, and enthusiastic leader. Competitive athlete and entrepreneur, passionate about educating the next generation of athletes through the business, and life experiences of guests from The Athletes Podcast.

Growing up in White Rock, British Columbia and moving to St Catharines, Ontario in 2015 to attend Brock University where I graduated with Honours from Brock University's Sport Management program. In April of 2016 I took an internship with the Corvallis Knights, a baseball team in the WCL playing out of Oregon State University. In the final two years of my Undergraduate degree, I worked within Brock University Students' Union, Brock University Athletics, and lead a team as an intern at the Buffalo Canoe Club.

After graduation, staying in Niagara I started my professional career at the Buffalo Canoe Club, a Not-for-profit known for creating world-class sailors. I managed a staff of 18 while maintaining a profitable and growing Junior Activities Department and was promoted for my leadership, decision-making skills, and ability to foster strong relationships.

With a passion for entrepreneurship since I purchased my first lawnmower at the age of 12 (after signing a revenue-share agreement to pay back my father). To now working with Clearco (formally Clearbanc), where my alignment with their unwavering core mission to help founders win, is exactly why I decided to join the company in 2021.

If you would like to be a part of this journey in any way, I would love to hear from you at: our website & if you're interested in scaling your business please email

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