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Jumping Over Adversity with Mariam Abdul-Rashid - Canada's Fastest Hurdler - Episode #219

Dive deep into the world of high-performance sports with Mariam Abdul-Rashid, where dreams sprint into reality, and the race for excellence knows no bounds. From childhood passions to podium finishes, this is where the heartbeat of athletic ambition echoes the loudest.

Featured Episode: Join us as we sit down with Mariam Abdul-Rashid in episode #219, fresh from her outstanding performance at the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. Discover her journey, from earning degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences and Communication and Media Studies to becoming a force to be reckoned with on the global stage.

What's On Track? 🏃‍♂️🏆

  • Journeys Unveiled: Explore the odyssey from underdog to national champion, through the stories of athletes like Mariam Abdul-Rashid, a Canadian hurdler whose hurdles on the track mirror the leaps in her career, and many more. Check out her recent time down in Boston with CTFL!

  • Legacy & Lessons: Uncover the life lessons beneath the sweat and triumph, learning from those who've etched their names in history as the most decorated in their fields.

  • Insights & Inspirations: From setting personal bests to breaking barriers, our guests share the wisdom gleaned over years of competition, education, and personal growth.

Why Listen? 🎧 This isn't just a podcast; it's a masterclass in perseverance, dedication, and the sheer will to succeed. Whether you're an aspiring athlete or a seasoned veteran, the stories shared here aim to educate, entertain, and inspire, pushing you to set the bar higher and dream bigger.

Supporting Women in Sports: With every episode, we're not just sharing stories; we're championing the cause for equal opportunities in sports, amplifying the voices of female athletes and contributing to a future where media coverage celebrates their achievements as loudly as their male counterparts.

👉 Tune in, be inspired, and let's transform the way we view, support, and engage with sports together. Your next best decision? Clicking play. 

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