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Coach Mike Guevara Opens Up About His Transition to Coaching and the Chip on His Shoulder

From episode: Coach Mike G's Journey to Redefining Athletic Excellence - Episode #190

Less than 1% of people who are playing at that college level make it to the pro level. Sure, and one of the things we talked about earlier about Educating entertaining inspiring is that even if you don't make it to that pro level. There are things you can do to impose wise and like you were able to obviously transition Flawlessly into your current career now seamlessly. You're right You know, we played organized sports growing up and there are a lot of tools and gifts that come from that that Have nothing to do with the sport and that's exactly what that was for me. No question about it. I mean because of the fact that I was ordained to go down this path of Being counted out always having a chip on my shoulder blah blah blah blah To developing all these qualities that turned me into a coach That was the most amazing journey that I could have ever endured Because it gave me my passion in my career, which is not work, right? You don't work a day in your life if you love what you do, and I haven't worked since 2006 because I've been coaching since 2006 and these are some of these things that you know I try to educate a lot of coaches that are up and coming and on their journey as well as as it took me a good eight to eleven years to truly Start to make a quality living from a financial perspective like it was a long long journey But it didn't feel long because I enjoyed going to work every single day. I enjoyed Changing people's lives for the better and inspiring them. So, you know, they always ask how you get to where you're at. How do you work with such amazing athletes you know, a lot of it is patience time and just investing the Sweat equity into your craft, and over time if you truly are following your passion in your heart Everything else takes care of itself and I really believe in that and I'm a testament to it But don't get into strength and conditioning or performance thinking that it's a high -paying job because it's simply not you know, we do it because we love to coach and that's really the bottom foundation Yeah, the Underlying factor and you've been consistent. Like you said since I was six. This is what you've been doing coaching the training impacting people positively Talk to me about that chip on your shoulder because I think a lot of athletes have that Some do some don't I think some people are always of the opinion that I you don't want to have that for too long But I think like I've got that there's a reason why I see success after having that. Oh, yeah, I mean, I know that Boulder could be excessive if you allow it to If it's if it's affecting your relationships and how you approach people and how you interact with your teammates and your coaches Of course, it's gonna hurt you versus help you but that ship for me was just consistently being counted out as a small Asian wide receiver or football player and that you know That was difficult that was difficult to handle and I didn't have anybody that looked like me to Use as you know, the North Star I never had any North Star Who looks like me that's doing what I want to do. Mm-hmm and helping me get through this nobody so You know, my dad always just taught me like don't take shit from anybody. I hope I concur. Sorry And you know have honor but also don't disrespect or tolerate and he always just instilled that in me and I use that as a badge of courage as my North Star to continue to fight and to continue to do what I felt Was true my true passion and my true path

Basketball Coach Mike Guevara wearing greatness breeds greatness t-shirt on the athletes podcast
Coach Mike Guevara from GBG Hoops

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