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The Power of Connection: Performance Coach Megan Young

Written by: Tomas Morgan

In Episode #204 of the podcast, we delved into the extraordinary journey of Megan Young, a performance coach who has defied odds, overcome personal challenges, and emerged as a beacon of positivity and inspiration. Megan's narrative is a testament to resilience, hard work, and the innate ability to bring out the best in others.

Recently, Megan's adventure took her down under to Australia, where she not only spoke at conferences but also embraced the warmth of a new environment as the chill set in back home in the USA. Her journey, however, began at the University of North Carolina, where she discovered her identity and passion on the Track and Field team. Nicknamed "big momma" by her teammates, Megan's nurturing nature fostered a unique camaraderie among individual sports athletes.

But what sets Megan apart is her intrinsic ability to connect with people. She defines herself as a "connector," someone deeply invested in others' well-being. Her approach involves creating genuine connections, using empathy as a tool to resonate with individuals on a profound level. She believes that understanding someone's wavelength allows her to draw out the latent potential they may not even be aware of.

In her pursuit of excellence, Megan never had a traditional mentor but instead chose a path where she could decide her destination. While this brings a sense of empowerment, it also comes with the occasional loneliness of forging an unconventional trail. She described it as getting to decide “what part of the mountain you get to climb.”

Megan's journey was shaped by the wisdom she gained from five influential figures in the performance and strength domain: Jordan, Austin, Cal Strength, Travis Max, and Adam Wolf. These mentors, each contributing a unique perspective, played a pivotal role in Megan's evolution as a performance coach.

Megan's early career was marked by financial challenges, living with a Craigslist roommate and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Unbothered by her state of finances, she demonstrated dedication by arriving at the gym before the head coach, showcasing her commitment to the team.

Her observations on dedication reveal a stark difference between individuals under 22 and those over 22. Those under 22 often thrive on a robust support system, while the latter's family dynamics can be a decisive factor. Megan emphasizes that talent, consistency and a clear "why" are also crucial to success.

Megan's resilience extends beyond her professional life. Overcoming cancer with over 70 transfusions, she stresses the importance of honest self-evaluation, learning, and seeking guidance from knowledgeable coaches. Being new to something and embracing a learning mindset grants you the freedom to grow.

In terms of goal-setting, Megan focuses on short-term and workout goals, steering clear of professional career plans. Her philosophy of cutting out the "fluff" in workouts, is one that is often often preached by performance coaches.

As a leader, Megan acknowledges the challenges of balancing confidence with accountability. Her journey from returning home with $20 to becoming a professional performance coach with the Seattle Sounders emphasizes the significance of humility, admitting mistakes, and embracing feedback.

In the world of performance coaching, Megan Young stands out not just for her expertise but also for her profound ability to connect, inspire, and uplift those around her. Her story exemplifies the transformative power of resilience, empathy, and the unwavering pursuit of one's passion.

To hear more of Megan's story, listen/watch to episode #204 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or YouTube

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