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Rowing, Real Estate, and Raising a Toddler: The Unstoppable Hannah Huppi

Welcome to the #174th episode of The Athletes Podcast! Today, we're excited to dive into the incredible story of Hannah Huppi, an athlete, entrepreneur, and mom who is taking the world by storm.

Meet Hannah Huppi: Elite Rower, Entrepreneur, and Mom

Hannah Huppi is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she an elite coastal rower, representing Team USA and winning numerous accolades, but she's also a serial entrepreneur with two successful real estate technology start-ups under her belt. Based in New Orleans, Hannah has shifted her focus to the fitness industry, launching ErgoFit, an indoor rowing studio.

Juggling her career and athletics, Hannah's most cherished role is that of a mom to her energetic toddler, Hazel. From business trips to coastal rowing adventures, Hannah and Hazel are an unstoppable team.

The Journey to Coastal Rowing

Hannah's love for rowing started with her discovery of coastal rowing, an adventurous and dynamic sport. Challenging the elements of the open water, Hannah has become a formidable athlete, placing top-20 at two Coastal World Championships, and earning USRowing's 2021 Female Coastal Athlete of the Year title.

A Versatile Athlete & Entrepreneur

Growing up, Hannah played multiple sports, including soccer, swimming, and track & field. Her natural talent for athleticism and adaptability has served her well in the business world. With a passion for scaling start-ups, Hannah has successfully taken two companies from start-up to acquisition within the real estate technology space.

From Berlin to New Orleans

During her time studying in Berlin, Hannah developed an appreciation for the city's vibrant culture and dynamic atmosphere. Now, living in New Orleans, Hannah embraces the city's unique blend of history, art, and music, finding inspiration for her entrepreneurial ventures and athletic pursuits.

The Secret to Success: Perseverance & Adaptability

Hannah attributes her success in both rowing and business to her tenacity and ability to adapt. Her journey has been filled with unexpected events and setbacks, but through it all, Hannah has remained focused and driven, pushing herself to achieve her goals.

Balancing Parenthood & Athletic Ambitions

One of the most significant challenges Hannah faces is balancing her athletic pursuits with motherhood. With unwavering determination, Hannah manages to excel in both roles, ensuring that Hazel is always part of the journey. Their shared experiences create a unique bond that only strengthens their relationship.

Training & Nutrition: The Foundations of Performance

Hannah's intense training regimen and strict focus on nutrition have been crucial to her success as an elite athlete. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sharing her fitness journey with her partner, Hannah continues to push the boundaries of her physical abilities.

A World Record Attempt: Rowing Across the Pacific

In 2024, Hannah will embark on her most challenging adventure yet: a row across the Pacific Ocean. As part of team Horizon Racing, Hannah and her teammates will attempt to break a world record, pushing the limits of human endurance. The team is currently seeking corporate sponsors to support this incredible journey.

Advice for the Next Generation of Athletes

Hannah's advice for aspiring athletes is to stay focused on their goals and to embrace the challenges that come their way. By remaining adaptable and committed, the next generation can achieve great things in both sports and life.

In Conclusion

Hannah Huppi's incredible story is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and adaptability. As an elite rower, entrepreneur, and mom, Hannah embodies the spirit of perseverance, proving that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. To

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