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Taylor Learmont Shares Her Story on The Athletes Podcast

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

From episode: Behind the Scenes of Fitness and Bodybuilding with Taylor Learmont - Episode #188

The Athletic Perspective: Unveiling the True Nature of Cheerleading as a Sport with Little "T" Fitness.

Have you ever encountered skepticism when discussing whether cheerleading qualifies as a sport? It's a topic that sparks curiosity and debates. Let's dive into this conversation with an athlete who knows firsthand – a dedicated cheerleader who sheds light on the intense athleticism, teamwork, and challenges that define this dynamic activity.

📣 Q: What's your take on the perception that cheerleading isn't a sport?

A: People who dismiss cheerleading as a sport often haven't experienced its acrobatic and team-driven nature. They might mistakenly assume that it only involves lifting and tossing teammates. However, cheerleading is a sport that combines acrobatics, teamwork, and intense physical demands. It's not only physically rigorous but also carries significant risks. In fact, some of the most serious injuries I've encountered are from my time as a cheerleader, including fractured bones and major concussions.

🚑 Q: Could you elaborate on the dangerous aspects of cheerleading?

A: Cheerleading ranks among the most perilous sports due to its high-risk nature. The level of danger is significant, and my personal experiences reflect that. From fractured bones to severe concussions, my cheerleading journey has seen its share of injuries. These injuries have solely occurred within the context of cheerleading, highlighting the intense challenges and risks it encompasses.

🤸 Q: How would you describe the mental aspect of cheerleading?

A: Cheerleading isn't just about physicality; it's a mental sport for everyone involved. Even as a base, you are entrusted with the safety of the flyer you're lifting. Whether it's catching someone after a toss or maintaining coordination throughout a routine, the mental focus required is immense. Every move is calculated and precise, considering the risk and safety of each participant.

🏋️ Q: What aspects make cheerleading a true sport in your eyes?

A: Cheerleading stands out as a true sport due to its multifaceted nature. It demands a unique blend of strength, agility, rhythm, and coordination. A single routine requires static strength for lifts, dynamic tumbles, intricate dance moves, and synchronized jumps. The sport's dynamic nature tests athletes' endurance, precision, and adaptability within the fast-paced routine.

🤸‍♀️ Q: What would you say to those questioning cheerleading's status as a sport?

A: To anyone doubting the sport's legitimacy, I challenge them to experience it firsthand. Dive into level-one cheerleading and take on a two-and-a-half-minute routine. Feel the intensity, coordination, and physical exertion that goes into even the entry-level routines. Only by immersing themselves in the sport can they truly appreciate its complexity and the athleticism it requires.

💪 Q: Why should skeptics give cheerleading a try?

A: Participating in cheerleading, even at the basic level, is an eye-opener. It unveils the intense demands, the teamwork, and the level of skill required. Attempting a level one routine for just two and a half minutes can be humbling and enlightening. So, to those questioning cheerleading's status as a sport, I encourage them to embrace the challenge and truly understand the dedication it demands.

📣 Join the Conversation

Cheerleading isn't just about pompoms and flashy routines – it's a sport that demands dedication, resilience, and skill. Through this athlete's perspective, we gain insights into the rigorous world of cheerleading. It's a physical and mental challenge that deserves recognition and respect as a true athletic endeavor. Whether you're a skeptic or a supporter, embracing the challenge of cheerleading can shift your perspective on what it truly means to be a sport.

📢 Share Your Thoughts

Have you ever tried a cheerleading routine? Do you see cheerleading as a sport? Join the conversation and share your thoughts! If you're a skeptic, consider giving it a try – a new perspective might be just a routine away. Let us know what you think and whether you're up for the challenge! 💪📣 #TheAthletesPodcast #CheerleadingDebate #AthleticPerspective

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