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Episode #143 - Duke All American Track & Field Athlete & Author of The Players' Plate - Emily Cole

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

On September 22nd I had the honor of featuring Emily Cole on The Athletes Podcast. A Duke University student-athlete and author of The Players’ Plate. Emily is an All-American track athlete, social media creator, and health advocate whose passion for sports nutrition began after a near-fatal brush with hyponatremia at age 17.

As a senior in high school, Emily discovered how nutrition could be a game-changer when it came to her running performance. In a matter of months, a collegiate running career was a possibility, and she qualified for the state championships for the first time ever. But instead of winning that state championship, her focus on eating healthy landed Emily in a self-induced coma. She focused so much on fueling her body for peak performance but had overlooked an important nutrient she needed to survive. Sodium.

During the episode, Emily shares knowledge from elite athletes, dieticians, and other experts that we’re featured in her new book. We talk specifically about: what high school athletes need to understand about fueling for performance if they want to compete in college, tips for how student-athletes can monetize their NIL, tips for utilizing nutrition to reach your athletic goals, and how to find your confidence in your body.

Emily became the first NIL athlete to publish a book with her release this past week! Her passion to help other young athletes understand the unique nutrition needed to help them avoid making the same mistakes she did is evident. I can’t thank her enough for pursuing a similar mission that we have here on the AP.

Emily has previously been featured in Forbes, The Business of College Sports, and The News & Observer. She has amassed 166K TikTok followers and 90K Instagram followers by sharing her experience & locking down formal dates via the platforms.

Thank you so much for tuning in & listening to the episode, we can’t tell you how much it means to have you as a part of our journey to educate, entertain & inspire the next generation of athletes!

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Dave Stark

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Growing up in White Rock, British Columbia and moving to St Catharines, Ontario in 2015 to attend Brock University where I graduated with Honours from Brock University's Sport Management program. In April of 2016 I took an internship with the Corvallis Knights, a baseball team in the WCL playing out of Oregon State University. In the final two years of my Undergraduate degree, I worked within Brock University Students' Union, Brock University Athletics, and lead a team as an intern at the Buffalo Canoe Club.

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