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Trust the Process: Benoit Marion Reflects on His Football Journey

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

From episode: From Childhood Passion to Professional Sport - Benoit Marion - Episode #189

if you were going through the school system again, university, CEGEP, anything that stands out, pivotal moments that you would look back and tell yourself? Just trust the process, man, just trust it, I think. Okay, Joel Embiid. Yeah, no, but it's cliche, but I think that's really what worked for me, even when I didn't really know was I gonna play at the next level, or was I gonna even start this year, or like, I just kept working hard, and kept showing up every day, and you know, trying to get better and learn, and I think doing that consistent little actions, daily actions, just helped me really just be where I am today, for sure. It's something that I always like to ask because I think, I learned a lot going through university, looking back, I'm like, oh, maybe you shouldn't have gone out as much on Thursday nights as I did, but you know, you gotta learn those things, and you gotta go through those experiences, right? Yeah, for sure, I mean, for me, it was trying to balance with school, because it wasn't always easy, and I had a hard time staying in class, concentrate for three hours, and then go home, and do my studies, so it was trying to, so how I set my things up was every single day I would have a checklist that I would do a minimum of certain things, like I told you, daily, consistent daily actions, so that helped me, instead of accumulating, or having all these things to start to worry about, I just every day tried to check things off, check things off, check things off, so whatever it was, studies, two hour study haul, you know, go to the gym, you know, watch some more film, whatever it was to help me become the better player the next day, or better student athlete, that's, I think, how I approached it, so I think, you know, I grew up in Montreal, so obviously, you know, I had my fun over there, and you know, it's a great city to go out, and the nightlife, and the people are very vibrant, and you know, there's a lot going on, so but I was always able to manage both, you know, the social life, the school, athletics, and obviously and just keep doing little things every day to make sure that I could be in a position where I can have success, and later on, have better opportunities. I think that's a key moment, and I think people should make sure they listen to that again, rewind that 15 seconds, and you know, have that checklist set up that you have on a daily basis to make sure you're focusing on those big blocks,

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